Femspo has been created as a direct response to the frustrating and relentless suggestion that achieving the “perfect” body & being beautiful is a woman’s ultimate purpose. The world of #thinspo and #fitspo exemplify this with a toxic focus on our external appearance and the never ending desire to attain something more (or less) than what we are. The amount of time women spend obsessing over and hating their bodies distracts us from the immense strength within us. This is no accident & helps to uphold and maintain the inequalities that women face every single day. The constant desire to be anyone but ourselves creates competition and jealousy among women and tears us apart. The #femspo movement aims to counter the world of body focused inspiration and refocus women on their broader power and potential, as individuals and as a sisterhood. There are so many incredible women and girls doing inspirational things every single day, breaking down barriers and bit by bit transforming our world. We need to be inspired by the fire inside of us rather than our external shell. We have the power to do and be anything, so why should we settle for achieving the perfect waist size? Women before us have fought for and achieved unbelievable things and we will continue to do so. It’s time we remembered and celebrated that every single day. Be #feminspired!